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Classic, cute, stylish, sophisticated—Tobin offers a vast selection of the finest quality gemstones, from classic diamond earrings to one-of-a-kind gemstone necklaces and everything in between. Since our gems are most dazzling in person, we encourage you to stop by our showroom to browse our entire selection.

About Gemstones

Gemstones in nature are as varied and unique as the cultures that have cherished them over time. This group of jewels includes a dazzling array of gem types, colors, and cuts. Popular gem types include ruby, sapphire, emerald, topaz, and amethyst, but many other varieties exist. The value of a particular gemstone depends on several factors, such as rarity, color hue and intensity, and clarity (the amount and severity of imperfections). The quality of the stone’s cut also makes a large difference in beauty and value.

Like diamonds, gemstones are sold by carat weight. Each carat is made up of 100 points, so a .75 carat gem would be considered 75 points. It is important to note that that minerals vary in density, so a one-carat ruby and a one-carat sapphire will be two different sizes since one is denser than the other. Certain gems, like emerald, ruby, and sapphire, very rarely occur in large sizes, so the price per carat will be higher than other gems. On the contrary, gems like topaz, amethyst, and amber are more available in large sizes, so they are typically lower in price per carat.

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