It is something we all dream about, think about and plan for. Finding the perfect soulmate, creating the perfect wedding, and selecting the perfect diamond.  At moments like this -- moments that are meant to occur only once in a lifetime -- everything deserves to be perfect.  How better to express your passion, your love, and your commitment than with the world's most perfectly cut diamond.  While you may have to search the world for the perfect person, you don't have to search the world to find a perfectly cut diamond.  A diamond unequaled by any imitation.

Tobin Jewelers is proud to be one of Central Illinois' retailers of the world's most perfectly cut diamond, Hearts On Fire® - a diamond cut and polished at 100X magnification, 10 times the industry standard.

Benefits of Hearts on Fire®
  • Only the best master diamond cutters possess the skills necessary to cut Hearts On Fire diamonds
  • Less than 1% of available gem quality diamonds are selected to become Hearts On Fire®
  • Perfectly proportioned, polished and symmetrical to reveal unrivaled edge-to-edge “white-hot” brilliance and “red-hot” fire
  • Setting the standard for superlative physical symmetry, every Hearts On Fire® diamond clearly exhibits extraordinary optical symmetry under the ProportionScope®. When viewed through the pavilion, Hearts On Fire® presents a circle of perfect hearts. Looking through the crown reveals the perfect Fireburst™. This display visually confirms that all 58 facets have the perfect shape, size and contrast to create maximum sparkle.
  • Each Hearts on Fire® diamond is:
    • * Conflict free
    • * Serialized with a serial number microscopically laser-inscribed on the stone
    • * Certified by the American Gem Society, and…
    • * Comes with a Diamond Identity Document
Hearts On Fire® is the epitome of the modern round brilliant and was even displayed at the Natural History Museum as such. It is extraordinary because of its superlative precision and consistency. That is why it commands the highest value.
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